Sunday, July 18, 2010

Doom Patrol #12 - DC

To me, this book gets better and better with every issue. And that's because it gets weirder and weirder with every issue. Keith Giffen really seems to be letting the stereotypes of this book fall, and is coming up with some pretty impressive stories. There's just so many cool factors that he's worked into this story. First is the inclusion of Hum-bug. He's a great character. A bit off the wall, but . . he does fit in good with this group. We also find out that this MSE that's been trying to lay claim to the various multi-verse's is actually Mr Nobody, whom the Doom Patrol have fought repeatedly in the past. And he's using Thayer Jost, the guy who previously tried to own the Doom Patrol, as the front man for this group. He's also included, in his Front Men, several characters from the Doom Patrol's past . . their rogues, if you will, including the Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man. It's kind of ironic, also, that MSE stands for Mister Somebody Enterprises. Not the most original name, but . . it does fit with these characters. Anyways, Mr Nobody's whole goal is to push his organization into the lime-light, becoming the first line of defense against meta-human terrorists, by exploiting the media and using the Doom Patrol as the bad guys. While all of this is going on, Jost is in communication with Niles and agrees to let the Doom Patrol go if they just pack up and retreat. It'll make his guys look better. The problem is, the Doom Patrol would still be hounded by the press and other nations, thinking that they're 'bad-guys'. And . . their assumed hospitality on Oolong Island would also be put in jeopardy as President Cale wouldn't want the economic and political sanctions that would follow the group. So, they're really in a no-win situation. Which, luckily for them, and Niles, is when they come together the best and work as a group. The problem isn't going to be the Doom Patrol getting out of this mess. The problem's going to be the creative way that Niles or Cliff decides to do it. It's what makes this book so interesting. We also find out another little secret about Rita this issue. It was . . unsuspected, to say the least. I think Keith is doing a great job with this book. And Matthew Clark and Ron Randall are doing a fantastic job with the art.

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