Sunday, July 25, 2010

Legion of Super-heroes #3 - DC

Well, if nothing else . . Earth-Man is certainly shaking up the status-quo of the Legion. The Legion, or Brainiac 5, doesn't know yet that Earth-Man used his Green Lantern ring to short-circuit the tracking device on his Legion ring. However, Earth-Man may have just been to smart for his own good. He kept the Green Lantern ring because he knew of the power it posessed. However, he wasn't aware that each ring comes with an obligation . . a sector of space that they're required to patrol. And now he's fighting with Colossal Boy because he's trying to leave. Gim doesn't understand that he's not trying to leave because he wants to . . well he does, but . . he's being compelled to right now by the ring. There's someone in the sector that he's been assigned that needs his help. But the Legion is still wary, so they send a team to follow him. And it's a good thing he does because he gets in over his head and the Legion has to bail him out. Kirt is already a xenophobe so, he's not to thrilled about being compelled to go to another galaxy to help out an alien race that he certainly doesn't give to squats about. When the mission is complete he gets rid of the ring and tosses it onto the planet. 'Take me back to Earth, Legionnaires . . let the Guardians name a bug Lantern . . I've had it with playing Green Lantern.' But when the ring lands, we see that embryo kind of looking creature that we've seen before. The Legion also has to confront Saturn Queen . . who's stirring up trouble out in the rubble that was once Titan. She's also holding Brainiac 5, Tyroc and Wildfire captive. But when the other Legionnaires show up . . it's just to much for her. And Garth and Irma are still out looking for their boys. They were abducted in some form of mystical flash. When Irma gives Garth the mental image that thier son saw as he was being taken, he figures out it was Avalon. It used to be a medieval world full of 'creepy magic'. However, when they arrive, they find the planet is bustling, and they see a giant statue of Darkseid. We also see a gaggle of Durlans who seem to be plotting some form of revenge against the Legion because they feel that they let RJ Brande die. So, as you can see, Paul Levitz has the Legion going in all different directions. Which is good . . it's realistic, especially considering the sheer number of members that they have. It's really the only way to work all of these various characters into the plot-lines. And I'm sure it takes a considerable amount of effort on Paul's part. But he's doing a terrific job with it. I think everybody has a favorite Legion member, and it sucks when they don't show up in one of the issues. The way Paul fills up these books, it's a pretty good chance you'll see yours. I'm also impressed with Yildiray Cinar's pencils. But he does have Francis Portela helping him a bit this issue. I liked Yildiray's work on Noble Causes. I thought he was improving with every issue. Now I think he's doing a great job. The variant cover, once again is by Jim Lee. Overall I really enjoyed the book. I definitely think that Paul and Yildiray are on the right track.

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