Sunday, July 18, 2010

the Amazing Spider-man # 636 - Marvel

I have to admit, this story is getting better and better as it goes along. We saw at the end of the last issue that Sasha had killed Spider-man. And in so doing, has returned her husband Sergei to life. She practiced earlier on her dead son, Vladimir. She killed Mattie Franklin, the former Spider-woman, to bring him back, but . . since she wasn't as connected to the web . . the bond of all the 'spiders' blood, he wasn't complete when he came back. He was more bestial than man. Anyways, now that Kraven is back, and he's found out what has happened to his son . . I don't think he feels that Sasha did the right thing. Plus, as brought up by the Chameleon . .'Has anyone stopped to consider the fact that the man shot himself in the head? How do you know he wanted to come back?' Anyways, the big 'reveal' this issue is that Spider-man isn't really . . well, Spider-man. In a flashback we see that Kaine, in an act of heroism, buried Peter under some dirt and took his costume. He did try to warn Peter to stay away from all of this. But now Peter is free, and he's found Kaine's coffin. There's a black Spider-man outfit there, and a note that says . . 'Hunt Me!' Next issue, the wrap up for this story, should be incredible. I think Joe Kelly, with Zeb Wells, is doing a great job with this story. And while I wasn't thrilled with the artwork of Marco Checchetto, Michael Lark and Stefano Gaudiano at first . . it's been growing on me over the last couple of issues. I'm also enjoying the back-up story by JM DeMatteis, with Emma Ross and Max Fiumara. It chronicles Kraven and Kaine's first encounter. Overall, this book is definitely a classic in the making. I can't wait for the next issue.

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