Sunday, July 25, 2010

Power Girl #14 - DC

Karen has a lot of things coming down on her right now. Probably the most important this is that her company is, or was . . stolen out from under her. Well . . technically Donna didn't steal the company. That's Donna, the woman that Karen hired as her CFO. What Donna did was borrow and leverage as much money as she could against Starrware Labs . . and against it's future revenue, based on the various ideas and plans that it had in the works . . which came to about $50 million. And then . . she took off with it all. Apparently she was so enthralled with this payday that she even left her kid with her 'idiot ex-husband'. This is bad enough as it is. But on top of all of that all of this crap keeps happening . . both in and around the city in which she lives, as well as issues with the JSA . . or, I guess you'd say with the JSA All-stars, since they've now split . . that keeps drawing her attention away from being able to deal with the issues she should be dealing with at Starrware Labs. The one good decision she makes is not getting entangled in Booster's mission to take down Max Lord. Booster comes to Karen because of their time together in the JLI, but . . Karen just has to much on her plate right now. Plus . . she doesn't really know whether to believe him or not. And then . . this robot, I guess is what you'd call it . . this robot shows up that seems to be intent on destroying all of New York City. Actually, he starts out small . . just destroying the things that are in his immediate path. But then, during his fight with Karen . . he seems to upgrade, and enlarge, and now he seems to be intent on making his path of destruction much much larger. As I said, all of this is happening as Nicco is pleading with her to get back to the office. 'Emergency?! We've got the bank gestapo gutting our offices, what could be . . Karen?! . . Karen . . .' Judd Winick and Sami Basri have taken over the creative chores of this book. I'm sure Judd will do a great job. And I'm sure there's more to this story with Donna than we're getting right now. It's just that Karen hasn't slowed down long enough to really dig in to it. But sooner or later she's going to have to stop and focus. It's hard to tell where all of this is going right now . . it's only the first chapter. But I do like the feel of the book right now. I just wish that something would happen right for her. She deserves it.

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