Sunday, July 25, 2010

Welcome to Tranquility - One Foot in the Grave #1 - WildStorm

First off, I'd like to say that I miss Neil Googe's art on this series. I thought he did a great job, and really . . he was just hitting his stride when this series ended. The art in this series is by Horacio Domingues, and . . it's ok. I think he tries to keep it looking close to Neil's stuff. The look kind of has the same feel, but . . it's just not the same. Neil does however does do the cover, with Ethan Van Sciver doing the variant. Also, Gail Simone is back for this mini-series, so . . it really does have the same feel. I'm guessing though that this takes place before the apocalyptic events that rocked the WildStorm Universe. If not . . they don't mention anything about it this issue, but . . we'll see what happens as it progresses. Anyways, the main focus of this story is about Mayor Fury getting out of jail. Apparently he's been exonerated of his attempted murder charges of reporter Collette Pearson. One of the differences in this series seems to be the perspective of the story. A lot of the first series was told from Thomasina Lindo point of view . . and Tommy's. They're the law in Tranquility, but . . how much authority do you really have when you're policing over a bunch of ex-supers. I mean . . they can pretty much do whatever they want. All you can really do is try to keep the peace. Anyways, when they're driving him home from the courthouse, their truck is attacked and it looks like the Mayor is the only one to leave it before it explodes. The guy who attacks it helps him escape, but . . we don't know who that is, just yet. I may be wrong but it looks like Thomasina and Tommy have perished in the fire. Also at the end of the last series, Mr Articulate had been killed. Or so everyone was lead to believe. I can't remember if anybody actually ever saw the body. Anyways, the Pink Bunny, Fury's wife, is planning a surprise party for him. But before he can arrive . . because of the previous mentioned difficulties on the road . . Mr Articulate shows up at the door. I think this will be an interesting series. I enjoyed the first run of this book. And this one, so far, seems to have pretty much the same feel to it. I'm also interested to see how all of this fits in with the current state of affairs of the WildStorm Universe.

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