Sunday, July 25, 2010

Justice Society of America #41 - DC

This was a good issue, but most of it was spent with the various heroes reacting to the Starheart's control of either their fellow team-mates, or various villains. The Starheart seems to have a 'chaotic' effect on people with powers either magic, or elemental base. Or any deviation there of. It takes control of Power Girl because her powers are based on her absorption of solar energy. So while she's not directly an elemental . . her powers use that energy. Anyways, Batman has sent Mikaal to the dark-side of the moon where they've discovered that Alan and Todd have set up base. Well . . Alan and Todd as controlled by the Starheart. Also, those 2 seem to be the main targets of the Starheart. Like they're necessary for the entire plan. Anyways, the plan is to send Mikaal in . . he puts up a convincing fight, and then when he's captured he sends information back via telepathy and M'gann. The problem is, Alan ripped the gem out of his chest, so . . he may not be alive that much longer. But . . he's still holding out and sending information while he can. At least until the Starheart takes control of M'gann and flips her out. So now Batman is sending in a team. Hopefully it's a team as far away from the affected energies as he can find. It consists of Wonder Girl, Mr America, Batman, Hourman, Jesse Quick and Jade. My only question is . . if this thing has this much of an effect on Alan and Todd who's to say that it's not going to take over Jenny as well. But at the last second a surprise guest shows up. 'I'll be the seventh soldier who'll get you in there.' It's Shiloh Norman . . Mister Miracle. I wasn't expecting him to pop up. Anyways, I think James Robinson is doing a fantastic job with this story. But to me the real star is Mark Bagley. He's pencilling both sides of this story . . the Justice League chapters, as well as the Justice Society's. And he's doing a terrific job. It doesn't look rushed or hurried. I'm telling you, this guy is an artistic machine. And he really seems to be at home with these characters . . all of them. But this is only chapter 2 of the Dark Things, so . . we've still got a lot of story to go from here.

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