Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wolverine Weapon X #15 - Marvel

Unfortunately, unlike my previous few blogs, the 2 issues in this series were completely different story-lines. So . . issue #15 wraps up the Deathlok story-line. In it, Miranda thinks that she can kill this kid in the past . . the one who becomes the Deathlok that's hunting her down, and stop all of this from happening. Logan ends up talking her down. He tries to make her believe that they may be able to change him more out of compassion than necessarily termination. It ends up being true. This Deathlok is conflicted by the 2 minds inhabiting it. The human brain is that of the child's, grown up, after leading a life of neglect, abuse and violence. It's the psychopathic part of their personality. While the Cyborg part of his brain in trying to be logical, and . . apparently has evolved to want human experience, interaction and feelings. The emotion of the situation when they spare the child is enough for that part to claim dominance in thier situation. He goes on to help the heroes defeat the rest of the Deathloks. However, we find out in the future that the General is actually the future version of this Deathlok. He cements his position by instructing Miranda, in the past, to take the boy to the same orphanage where he was abused for all those years. It was an interesting story, and kind of touching. But the whole thing had a kind of 'Terminator' type feel to it. At least to me. But it was still cool. Jason Aaron wrote it, with Ron Garney doing the art. In issue #16, the last of this series, we see Logan dealing with the loss of his friend, Kurt. This one was actually very touching. In his will, Kurt has asked Logan to delivery a piano to a church that he's donated it to . . the Church of the Holy Ascension. It sits on top of a mountain in Venezuela. As he's performing this task, pushing himself to his physical limits, he's thinking back on the various conversations he and Kurt had. I think Kurt was always trying to save his soul. And although Logan was always acting like he wasn't listening, I think more got through than he'd care to admit. In the end Logan feels better for having done it, but . . the real kicker came with the present that Kurt had left there for him when he visited the previous year. It was something from one of the very first conversations that they had, and it really brought everything around full circle. In the end, he holds the item, looking up at the Venezuelan horizon, and says . .'Ok, elf. You win.' It was very touching. Jason also wrote this one, with Davide Gianfelice doing the art. I actually started to get teary eyed near the end of this one. But don't tell anybody I said that. Again, this is the final issue in this series so that we can get ready for the launch of the Wolverine-family of books next month.

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