Saturday, July 31, 2010

X-Men Forever 2 #4 - Marvel

Well, last issue Mystique helped out Rogue and Spider-man. All she asked in return was that she was allowed to join the X-Men. So this issue . . they take her back to the mansion. Nick Fury, with the help of Jean Grey are interrogating her. But they're not getting much information. Nick decides to send Jean in, but when she enters Mystique's mind . . she finds more chaos there than she did in Rogue's. She's going to have to prepare herself before she attempts that again. Meanwhile, the Morlocks have captured Dr Mactaggert and Sabretooth. They've taken them down to the tunnels because Masque has it in her head the Moira will be able to help them with the Burnout problem. I guess she just didn't trust that if Moira and Charles ever found a cure that it would filter down towards their level. As a result, Daisy, Scott, Kitty and Remy have gone after them. 'Ro is also following . . although they don't know it. Anyways, they go down and confront Masque, but in the confusion she gets her hands on Scott and Remy. And you know how disastrous that can be. The issue ends with them screaming in agony. Oh yeah, and now that Trask is in charge of SHIELD, she's out to prove herself. They've recently activated the sensors in the tunnels so they now know that there's activity down there. They don't know who's involved, but . . she decides to send some of the neo-Sentinels down to clean it up. So if the X-Men don't get this cleaned up fast, their secret is about to be broken. A very entertaining book by Chris Claremont, with Rodney Buchemi doing the art. Tom Grummett does the cover. It looks like this series is going to be even more exciting than the last one.

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