Saturday, July 31, 2010

Gotham City Sirens #14 - DC

This issue we start to deal with some of the repercussions of Ivy's little encroachment into the corporate landscape. We saw last issue how she made her mark on STAR Labs, well . . it seems that STAR Labs has a few secrets of their own. It seems that Ivy's interest in STAR Labs wasn't entirely altruistic. She had heard of a project that Dr Simmons was in charge of. It had to do with Re-Foinants . . a way of regrow, literally overnight, lost rain-forests. Although Dr Simmons was intelligent, she knew he wasn't capable of something on this scale. Ivy's new assistant, Ms Adams shows he something that they have locked in the basement. First she shows her the plants that they created. They're completely alien in nature. Ivy can't even talk to them. Then, in the morgue, she shows he the guy that was helping Dr Simmons. There's 2 problems here. First, he's an alien. Secondly, he's actually a plant. Apparently he's from a planet where the plants dominated the world. In coming here he was supposed to be the herald for an alien invasion. And then his ship crashed. Ivy, knowing plants, brings him back to life. Unfortunately, in doing so . . he also takes control of her. Catwoman and Harley show up just as they break out of STAR Labs . . together. Now they have to stop them before they convert the entire planet. I thought it was an interesting story by Tony Bedard. I love all of these characters so it's nice to see each of them take their turn in the spotlight. Andres Guinaldo does the art. I thought it looked pretty good. Overall I enjoyed the book, and I'm interested to see how it concludes.

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