Saturday, July 31, 2010

Time Masters - Vanishing Point #1 - DC

Since I've been following Booster Gold since the beginning . . and Dan Jurgens started off on the writing and art of that book . . as well as this . . this one, to me, seemed like an obvious extension of the Booster Gold story-line. Basically, Rip and Booster have gone off in search of Batman. Rip knows that Superman and Hal Jordan will attempt the same thing, so . . he gets them involved so that they don't upset the time-stream in their fumbling efforts. But it's an uneasy alliance. Rip and Booster already know that some things can't be changed. No matter how much you don't like the events. And even with all their might and power, some things are just meant to be. Booster learned that the hard way when he tried to help out Barbara Gordon. But it's just not in Clark or Hal's nature to sit by idly, watching an obvious injustice, and not try to do something to help. Anyways, they're going back into the past to look for Bruce. Supernova is trying to get to Vanishing Point, but he's discovered that it's been destroyed. Everyone is assuming that Supernova is Daniel Carter, but . . I'm not so sure. Per Degaton and Despero don't know that Vanishing Point is gone yet, but they do know that they're having some trouble navigating the time-stream. Michael's sister Michelle is also involved in all of this. And on the final page, when Rip tries to send everybody back, he finds that he's be shunted to a different era. The book ends with him coming face to face with Claw, the unconquered. Like I said, to me, this seems like just another issue of Booster Gold. But . . there's the whole tie-in with Bruce's return in October. So that's the draw. But I think the purpose of this series is more to define the players and teams in this whole time-travel business. We even get some time with Rip when he was a kid. Time he's spending with his father . . Michael. I'm sure this story-line will play a part in Batman's return, but . . I think it's really just an excuse for this series to happen. As usual, a tremendous job by Dan Jurgens. I don't think Dan gets enough credit for everything that he's done for the DC Universe. And it's been quite a lot. I don't have time to list it all here . . look it up sometime. Suffice it to say, he's been an invaluable asset. This should be an exciting series as well.

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