Saturday, July 31, 2010

Outsiders #31 - DC

This is another series that I definitely don't think gets the credit that it deserves. Especially now with Phillip Tan doing the art. I mean, look at that cover. He does a fantastic job with this book. The splash page alone, with Rex immersed in Chemo's bodily fluids, is worth the price of admission. Anyways, right now the team is kind of split up . . not broken up, just in different parts of the globe. A few have stayed behind in Markovia with Brion . . Rex, Owlman and their new team-mate, Freight Train (?) going after Simon Stagg . .and Black Lightning off on his own. We don't know where just yet, but Rex and Freight Train are going after him next issue. So Rex gets immersed inside of Chemo . . thanks to Simian, and when their chemicals mix he kind of has control over him. I think Rex is driving, but his last thoughts are of rage over losing Sapphire forever, so . . they're kind of stuck in that mode. Which seems to be the frame of mind that Chemo is usually in anyways. Which leaves it up to Owlman and Freight Train to stop him before he lumbers into a residential area or city. Of course they do, and shortly after Chemo pukes up Rex another player shows up . . the Ray. I may be missing something, but I thought he was a part of the Freedom Fighters. Meanwhile, in Markovia, Brion is doing some kind of 'Weird Science' thing and has gotten Katana a gift . . somehow he's brought Halo's energy together and has returned her to the physical world. But right now . . that's really all we know about it. And in Washington DC, the Creeper, or rather Jack Ryder, has been approached by someone calling herself Serene. From her actions I assume that she's some kind of chaos goddess, or something. Anyways, she captures Jack because she says that she needs his 'seed', and . . 'You're the last of your breed and I mean to change that. Now let's go make some babies.' That's a little strange. So far I've been impressed with Dan Didio's work here. I'm not sure why he has everyone taking separate paths right now, but . . hopefully, overall, this is all part of a big plan. Even though this book, and team, has been around for quite a while I think this is an 'up and comer'. I think it's just going to keep getting better, so now is a good time to get on board. But that's just my opinion.

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