Sunday, July 25, 2010

DC Universe: Legacies #3 - DC

I like the way that they're framing this story. Rather than just giving us a time-line, and listing the events that shaped the DC Universe . . they're showing us how this world has progressed through one of it's citizens eyes . . Paul Franklin. Paul was your typical kid. He grew up in a rough neighborhood, with the always present 'bad-influences', but . . he decided to choose a better path. He decided not to try to take the easy way out . . as had been chosen by many of his neighbors and friends. Even his best friend . . Jimmey Mahoney. Part of his decision was because of some advice some 'costumes' had given him when he was a kid. He took it to heart. So, now that he's an adult, he's decided that he was to be a cop. He knows that he'll never be one of the 'capes', so . . I think this is his own way of trying to do some good. And he decides to get married . . to Jimmey's sister, Peggy. Coincidentally, Paul also serves on the force with one John Jones. But this was before he became a detective and moved to Colorado. So while all of this is going on . . in the background, the DC Universe seems to be unfolding before Paul's eyes. First it's various groups of adventurers . . such as the Sea-Devils, the Challengers of the Unknown and the Blackhawks. Then, one day . . Superman shows up. And his arrival seems to prompt others to come forward . . Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, Green Lantern. And it isn't until the Green Lantern pops up that Paul notices that these aren't the same heroes that he grew up with. This is a whole new generation. And shortly after, he and the world witness the formation of the Justice League. Like I said, I like the way that Len Wein is putting this story together, because, while there's a lot of heroes that have come and gone over the years . . there's also a lot of 'regular joes' . . like Paul. I think it's interesting to see an outsiders view on these progression of events. We've always seen the stories from the heroes point-of-view, but it's nice to see things from someone witnessing the event, rather than being directly involved. Len also scripts a nice story in the back about a team-up between the Challengers and the Sea-Devils. The art for the prologue is by Scott Kolins. While the main story is pencilled by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez. A great artist who did a lot of work during the time period that's being presented here. Dave Gibbons does his inks. And then Dave also does the art for the back-up story. All in all I thought it was a good issue. But this was also a pretty exciting time for the DC Universe. Everything seemed to be blossoming at the same time.

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