Sunday, July 25, 2010

X-Factor #207 - Marvel

All of X-Factor is back together again, and . . they're all in New York City. There's some repercussions from the Second Coming story-line that they still have to deal with . . like Baron Mordo's deal with Monet. She promised him that if he helped them all get back home that he would let him use whatever part of her powers he needed to get himself back to health. He's dying of cancer. Well, Monet is a person of her word, but . . she also knows that Mordo is a very evil person. So she creates the illusion, in his mind, that she's done exactly what she said she would. In his mind's eye, he is better and looks 10 years younger. But, like I said, it's all just an illusion. Monet is hoping that by the time it wears off, or he figures out what's going on, the disease will ravage his body and he'll just pass away. But you just know that this is going to come back to bite them in the butt sooner or later. Anyways, during all of this, the team is hired by a very handsome seductress to go after a man. She's got a Hammer of Thor necklace, but . . it's a fake. She wants X-Factor to retrieve the original from the man who stole it. However when they do get it, they find out that this guy is actually just an imp, and the necklace appears to have been masquerading his appearance. He's quite upset and he talks about the woman being a Goddess. I'm guessing Loki, but . . I might be wrong. Anyways, Rictor and Shatterstar also make some headway sorting out their relationship. But . . just as things start to get normal . . well, more normal than before . . Rahne shows up. And it appears that she's pregnant. This was another great issue by Peter David. But . .he knows these characters better than anybody, and it definitely shows. Sebastian Fiumara does the art, and . . it looks fantastic. Now that Second Coming is over, this team can get back to some of their own story-lines. And Peter can do what he does best . . pull this group across the nails and through the glass and kicking and screaming into their own future. That is what he's doing. Right?

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