Sunday, July 18, 2010

Secret Six #23 - DC

This was an entertaining little one-issue story about the Secret Six. It was a bit predictable. I mean . . the outcome was never really in question. But, it was nice the see the various members of this group in action again. The latest story being mostly about Catman, it was nice to see the depravity and psychopathic behaviour that these various members can stoop to when the mood is right. Basically, some rich guy, who gives people the chance at the ultimate hunt tricks the Secret Six into coming to his island so that they can be the 'game'. He takes their weapons from them, and fits them all with shock collars . . as if that's going to slow them down. He also gives his 'huntsmen' advanced technology and weapons. Still, with all of that . . we still know that the Six will kick all of their asses and shut this guy down. It's just a matter of how long it's going to take, and how merciless they're going to be about the efforts. But, even being predictable . . it was exciting and fun. John Ostrander is the writer for this issue, with RB Silva doing the art. It looks like Gail Simone and J Calafiore will be back next issue. And in a couple of issues our team will be heading into the land of Skartaris . . the Warlord. That should prove interesting. In the meantime, they're still covering these books with the beautiful art of DanielLuvisi.

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