Sunday, July 18, 2010

the Invincible Iron Man #28 - Marvel

This is another series that just keeps going strong each and every month. Now that Tony has gotten his brain functioning properly again . . now he needs to focus on rebuilding his company . . Stark Resilient. I think he's got a few good people lined up, but . . he keeps getting distracted by various things as Iron Man. The most recent of which is the attack at the Japanese subway. By the time Tony and Rhodey get there, Justine Hammer and her new Detroit Steel and pretty much cleaned up the situation. However, what Tony and the rest of the world don't know is that it was Justine that created this situation. She hired the people to make the ruckus, and she outfitted them with Stark Industries cape-killer armor. Which is why Detroit Steel had to kill them all . . she couldn't leave any witness' behind. But, Justine has a younger girl with her also . . Sasha Hammer. And Tony thinks he recognizes her. He connects her to a bombing at a Taiwan hospital that happened the same night that Ezekiel Stane destroyed Start Tower in Taipei. So now he knows that they're connected. 'Whatever this Detroit Steel stuff is . . at the heart of it all is Hammer and Stane.' So what's he going to do next? 'Throw a party.' We also get a glimpse of Pepper in the hospital. She's awake . . and smiling. Anyways, I think that Matt Fraction does a great job with this story. I like the way he's showing Tony trying to rebuild his life . . without a lot of the memories of his previous one. But that doesn't slow down anyone else that does remember. Which is where all the distractions come in. I think it's a nice little drama that's unfolding. And as always, Salvador Larroca turns in a great art job.

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