Sunday, July 18, 2010

Steve Rogers - Super Soldier #1 - Marvel

I picked up this one, mostly, because of Dale Eaglesham doing the art. I loved him on the JSA, and I thought he did a really good job with his short stint of the Fantastic Four. I think this guy has a lot of talent, and he's hugely underrated. Of course, it doesn't hurt that it's about Steve Rogers in his new role as America's Super-Cop. And Ed Brubaker doing the story is just icing on the cake. Anyways, this story takes Steve all the way back to his origins . . Operation:Rebirth. We all know the story of how the Super-Serum was created, and Steve was the only test-subject to survive the trials. We also know that Dr Erskine, the facilitator of the project, was killed when it was attacked by Nazis. What we find out this issue is that one of the other test-subjects, Tyler Paxton . . a man whom Steve befriended during the process, had survived and afterwards met and married Dr Erskine's daughter. Anyways, they had a child, and like his grandfather he had become a brilliant scientific genius. He's now the CEO of a pharmaceutical company, Nextin, and has taken his grandfather's name . . Erskine. The problem is . . as relayed to Steve by Pete Wisdom, they've perfected the super-soldier formula and are preparing to put in on the open market. So Steve goes to Mandipoor to disrupt the sale and confront Erskine. Along the way Steve comes across a couple of formula enhanced bodyguards. One of which hits that rage stage, during their fight, and has an aneurysm. And he also sees Erskine with a woman that looks incredibly similar to a woman he knew in 1941. Steve mistakes her for his wife, but . . I think she's actually the head of his security. But I could be wrong. We don't have all the answers yet. Anyways, Steve confronts the doctor but he seems as confused by everything Steve has been telling him as Steve was. But before they can sort it out . . he's shot and killed. So apparently whoever actually is behind this was just using Erskine to get Steve's attention. And probably to get him to Mandipoor. So now we'll just have to see if whoever is behind this can actually handle Steve. I thought it was a good opening chapter. Ed did a good job of setting us up with all the important information. And of course, Dale's art looked fantastic. I kind of picked this one up on a whim. But since it's only a mini-series, I'll probably stick with it just to see what happens.

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