Saturday, July 31, 2010

Secret Avengers #3 and #4 - Marvel

There's more that a few strange things happening with this whole 'Serpent Crown' thing. First we find out that there's these guys, form the Confederacy, circa 1865, that somehow have jumped through time. Their leader, Aloysius Thorn-drake, is the current leader of the Shadow Council. But that's all we really see. We don't know what that's all about yet. Also, during their fight, Ant-Man shrunk down and somehow went through the portal back to the Shadow Council's base in Texas. He sees that Nick Fury also seems to be working in collusion with Thorn-drake. And they also have a crown. Anyways, Cap and his team are on Mars. Last issue the found the chamber where the Crown was being kept, and Nova's helmet is on the ground. That's when they're attacked by one of the Crown's guardians. It thinks that these people are also after the Crown. When he finds out that they're actually trying to help, he fills them in on the story to let them know what they're up against. Apparently whatever Nova is doing will break the 'seal'. This will . . 'awaken the Darkest Child . . who will awaken his brothers . . and they will free their Nameless Father from his prison . . in the sidereality beyond where one such as you can see or touch. The Nameless Father is the reason I and the other Archons were created billions of years ago . . when the stars went out and came again. He is the end and the beginning. He is the darkness inside the darkness . . he is the abyss. Those who watch set my brothers and me the task of guarding and waiting. Waiting for the time of nullification when he will rise . . but that time is not now.' Also, 'A millennia past, those who had been touched by the abyss made three crowns . . so their wearers could channel the power of the dark children.' So apparently whatever Nova is doing will end the universe. And Archon has been tasked to stop him. By any and all means necessary. But he finds out that Nova's powers were something he hadn't anticipated. Archon was built to beat the power of the Crowns, but . . 'It is different . . this time. It has new power . . from you brother . . unexpected . . I cannot defeat him . . your Nova . . I cannot defeat him . .' And that's how issue #3 ends. Well, as you can see by the cover of issue #4, Steve decides to beat this thing by taking on the power of Nova himself. Last issue they found out that Nova's power actually comes from his helmet. Apparently he was trained to handle the power, but then the 'worldmind' . . where the power comes from, decided to make Richard it's sole possessor. It prepared Richard for it, but Steve has to do it without thinking about it. It's the only way to save his teammates, and the universe. He does so, and of course there's a big battle that ensues. But the real turning point in all this is when Thorn-drake, at their Texas base, decides to send up soldiers attached to atomic bombs. He wants to take out the whole base on Mars, and everyone and anyone involved in the current debacle. Sharon, who was looking for that mysterious energy signature in issue #2, comes up on the base in the quin-jet just as all of this is going down. She's also surprised to see Ant-Man pop up on her radar. Together they decide that O'Grady has to follow them through the transit, and blow them up just as they're emerging on the other side. This takes out the base and also weakens the Crown's hold on Richard. From there it's just a simple mop-up by Steve and his team. However, they do lose Nova because he's called away on an emergency as soon as he puts the helmet back on. Also, when they get back with Sharon, they find out that they've got other things to deal with back on Earth. Sharon's got sat-images of the base after it's destroyed, and they all see Nick Fury standing in the wreckage . . wearing a shadow council uniform. Is it and LMD, a clone, or the real Nick Fury? I guess we'll have to wait until next issue to find out. I thought these were 2 very exciting issues by Ed Brubaker and Mike Deodato Jr. Ed did a great job with the story, and Mike's art looked fantastic. This team, and series, started out with one hell of a first mission. So far . . I like it, alot! We'll see where it goes from here.

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