Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ultimate Spider-man #12 - Marvel

I'm not sure who this guy is, who's taken over for Peter, but . . he's really starting to make a mess of his life. Last issue MJ and Peter went to the Bugle to tell them about the story of Kitty . . you know, about the Feds showing up in school to kick her out. MJ had gotten video of it. Anyways, while there Peter sees JJ, but . . something's wrong. So he excuses himself and follows him . . to the basement. There, whomever was taking JJ's place knocks Peter out and takes his place instead. He doesn't know that he's Spider-man, but . . he does know that he's very powerful. So now, this issue, he's trying to backtrack and figure out just who Peter is, and what is his secret. He screws up the first time by kissing MJ. Then, when Gwen practically attacks him in the attic, he tells her about the encounter. Sending her off into a rage. He also almost beats up Flash. And then, the next day in school, kisses MJ again right in front of Gwen. This is when Gwen decides it's time for her to leave . . both school, and Aunt May's. That's when, while yelling at Peter, she makes a mention of the 'costumes'. The guy immediately runs to the attic and finds Spider-man's costume. 'Never doubt me again. Face it tiger . . we just hit the jackpot.' Peter's already run into Mysterio, so . . I don't think it's him. Maybe it's this reality's version of Chameleon. We don't really know yet. Anyways, this was another great issue. Brian Bendis has once again done a tremendous job with the story. I absolutely love all the interaction between these characters. Also, it was funny seeing this guy, who's taking Peter's place, have to deal with all the angst and trauma of High School life. He probably felt like he was walking into a nightmare. I also enjoyed David LaFuente's art. I think he's getting more and more comfortable with this series with every issue. I look forward to this book every month.

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