Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wonder Woman #601 - DC

So . . Wonder Woman's reality . . the reality of Themyscira, has been changed. We don't know yet what caused it all, but . . this issue a young visionary is showing Diana the events that lead up to her mother's death. In fact, in this reality, Diana doesn't even know her mother much past the age of adolescence. Anyways, it seems that for some reason Hippolyta lowers the barriers around the island. It isn't long before the world of man discovers that and starts sending wave after wave of attacks to pelt the island. They've also had the weapons ensorcelled by some source that enables them to take down even the strongest of the Amazons. They fought bitterly hard to their dying breath, and Diana only survived because Hippolyta had the foresight to send her away. As well as a majority of the Amazons. Now they're scattered across the globe . . hiding, waiting for Diana to rally them. Now that she's learned the story of what happened, she's ready to do just that. She's trying to follow some of the soldiers back to their base. Obviously the only way to shut this down it to take down it's leader. But before she can do so she finds out that they've tracked a tribe of her sisters to a remote spot it Turkey. They've got them pinned down, so they're sending in more troops to take them out. Which leaves Diana with a choice. The leader, or her sisters. Obviously she chooses the latter and heads off to Turkey. The only thing that bothers me about this story-line . . and I really do like it, alot . . is that Diana is pissing at windmills. All she's doing right now is reacting to the problem. She needs to trace it back to it's source and eliminate it there. And I don't mean the leader. I mean the original event that caused this divergent reality. If that's even possible. J Michael Straczynski has set up a really cool chain of events here. And I know this is only the opening chapter, but . . I really like the look and feel of what he's doing here. He seems to have a great handle on Diana's character. And I think it's a formidable task that he's set out in front of her. And, having said all of that, what really impressed me about this book was Don Kramer's art. I was a staunch supporter of his when he was on Detective. I thought he was hugely underrated and was doing a superb job there. But now? Now his work seems even better. I think part of that is probably Michael Babinski's inks. He does no less that 4 full-page panels. And his frames and flow are sheer perfection. Also, as with the Detective books, everything just seems so vibrant. The art and the color just seems to jump right out at us. I think it's a spectacular looking book. And don't forget his beautiful cover. Or the spectacular painted one by Alex Garner. I've been a fan of this book for quite a while now. But I think this is one of it's most excitingly anticipated chapters. The future is definitely looking bright. Well, for us . . the reader. Not necessarily for Wonder Woman. But . . we'll see what happens.

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