Sunday, July 18, 2010

the Mighty Crusaders #1 - DC

This book was . . ok. It was interesting. Basically, it tries to tie it's story in with the DC Universe through the Durlans. Over the last few months we've seen hints, some subtle . . some not, that there are Durlans among us. We've also gotten some information from the Legion about their long standing civil war, and . . the Six Minute War. We don't know what all of that means yet, but . . I'm sure that back-story will be unraveling as this mini-series commences. Anyways, because these heroes are so closely tied to the military, they have above average intelligence. I'm sorry . . I don't mean them personally, I mean the information that they're privy to. Anyways, it appears that the Durlans came to Earth in the Tunguska event . . in Siberia, and have been here ever since. Shortly before their world was obliterated a clan of scientists and scholars fled into space. They now call themselves the Purist Durlans, and the Futurist Durlans. And they're distinguished by these 2 different tattoos . . tribal tattoos, I guess. So the military intelligence is starting to get an idea who these aliens are, and during this issue it seems that they've already forced a couple of them out of hiding. However, we find out in the beginning of this issue that the Crusaders, or the military, probably aren't going to be able to pick sides. I don't think that there's any specific faction that they can hope will win out. One of the Durlans is talking in the beginning and he/she says, 'There will be 3 sides in our war. The 2 opposing factions, and every other living creature on this planet. My only concern is victory for the brave soldiers who follow me.' Like I said, we've gotten bits and pieces of this information over the last several months. But we get a whole lot more this issue. Now I guess we just have to sit back and watch to see how this all unfolds. By the way, the current Crusaders include the Web, Fly Girl, Inferno, War Eagle, the Comet and the Shield. Also by the end of the issue Hangman is also allied with this group. It's interesting, but . . it really all comes down to whether or not Eric S trautmann can get the reader to care about these characters. I don't know if that was accomplished very well in their respective solo books, so . . I'm interested to see if they can pull it off here. Anyways, Julian Lopez does a great job with the art. And we get 2 fantastic covers by Stanley Lau and Ian Churchill. Now we just have to wait and see what happens.

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