Sunday, July 25, 2010

the Amazing Spider-man #638 - Marvel

This series really is a roller-coaster for me. I ended up loving the last story-arc, but . . this one doesn't seem to be starting out to well for me. I think my biggest complaint was that this issue really boiled down to the 8 new pages of story and art by Joe Quesada, Danny Miki and Richard Isanove. The rest of the issue reprinted the story from Amazing Spider-man Annual #21 . . from 1987. I understand that it was trying to drive the point home of what this story was about, but . . I just didn't like it. I didn't really like the way the whole thing was set up. Supposedly . . although I don't remember it . . it must of happened so fast that we didn't see it, but . . supposedly when Mephisto was doing the whole whammy thing on Peter and MJ, Mj whispered something in his ear. This issue we find out what that was. Before Mephisto changed everything, MJ told him . .'You're going to put his life back just as it was. You're going to give him a chance at happiness. Because of what I can offer you. I know Peter. He will never make this deal with you. Never, ever . . unless . . I ask him to. But if I do, this is the end of it . . you will leave him alone for the rest of his days.' So . . the problem I have with all this is that it's never really been explained . . at least to my satisfaction, just how much Peter or MJ remember of their whole 'history'. Now, at least to me, it seems that Peter's memory of their relationship went back to before they got married. While MJ seems to remember more than she's letting on. But it's hard to tell because not much can be explained in 8 pages. And while I appreciate the way the Annual integrated into the story, compared to the stories of today . . the one from 1987 seemed kind of cheesy. To me . . the best part of the whole issue was Paolo Rivera's cover. The rest of it . . I could take or leave. Hopefully the story in the next issue will be a little better and explain a little more. We'll see.

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