Sunday, July 18, 2010

the Amazing Spider-man #637 - Marvel

This issue was a great way to end this story-arc. Peter found Kaine's body last issue, with a black costume laying on top of it, and a note . . 'Hunt Me!' So he does. And he's pissed. He goes after the Kravinoff's with a vengeance. Long story short . . he severely hurts most of the other 'family' members. But he's ready to kill Sergei. Which is what I think Sergei also wants. But Arana talks Peter down. Peter backs away, and when he does . . the Kravinoff's disappear. Later we find out that they've transported themselves to the Savage Land. Sergei has decided that he needs to rebuild his family . . his 'tribe'. So he issues an edict, 'If you can survive . . then you're strong enough to help me begin anew.' But really that just comes down to his son, Alyosha, and daughter, Ana. Because he kills Sasha and Vladimir. Anyways, the important part of all of this is the changes in the Spider-family. Sasha had slit Cassandra, Madame Web's, throat. But in her final moments she transfers her powers over to Julia Carpenter. So, since Julia is the new 'Madame Web', she no longer has need of her black costume. So she gives it to Anya. But she doesn't want to be called Spider-girl. She wants to stick with Arana. At least for now. And on the final page we see that Kaine has had a metamorphosis once again. He's rising from the grave, in response to Sergei's return . . 'One hunter cheats death and now walks the Earth . . so another must rise to meet him'. And he's returning as . . Tarantula. I thought Joe Kelly did a fantastic job with this story. I especially liked the intensity that he gave Peter . . the focus. Also the art by Michael Lark, Marco Checchetto, Stefano Gaudiano and Matt Southworth was really solid. There were some great visual moments in this issue. I think this will definitely go down as a classic. I even liked the conclusion to Kaine's story by JM DeMatteis and Max Fiumara. But I thought the Spidey Sundays by Stan Lee and Marcos Martin were a little corny. Anyways, overall it was a great issue. And next issue . . Mary Jane is back.

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