Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ultimate Comics - New Ultimates #3 - Marvel

This issue gives us a lot of the background on Barbara Morris . . Valkrie. If that's even her real name. She was wandering around kind of aimlessly in life until one day she came across an ad on the internet for the Defenders. They were looking for new team-mates. They were a super-team in the traditional sense, as they had no powers. Little did they know that this little girl from . . well, somewhere . . would change all that. Somehow, in her longing to have real powers, she garners the attention of Loki. Although, she doesn't knot that's who it is. Anyways, he turns her into a real Valkrie and Thor falls in love with her. But then Thor got banished to Death's realm . . from which he's been trying to get out ever since, and Valkrie has once again been kind of aimless. Mostly because she doesn't feel that the rest of the team respects, or trusts her. And . . she's probably right. They just didn't say anything when Thor was around. Anyways, so now Loki is trying to make a bid to take over New York City, and he and Amora have got Valkrie, Zarda and Carol Danvers under his spell. Although Carol's faking it, which is what helps to turn the tide. All through this book you know that Valkrie is under his spell, but the way she's talking and thinking . . it just seems that she's kind of given up hope, and also doesn't trust her team-mates. It isn't until Hawkeye shoots Amora, loosening her grip, that Valkrie realizes how far off the path she's gotten. She comes after Loki, but he uses her own sword to impale her. However, just as that happens . . Thor shows up. Having witnessed what Loki has done to Valkrie . . he is seriously pissed. Jeph Loeb does a great job with the interaction and dialogue of these characters. I liked the way he had Valkrie thinking about all of this throughout the story, and using her emotions to justify everything that she's doing. Like I said, without realizing how far off the path she had gotten. I thought it was a great issue, and, as always, I loved Frank Cho's art. I can't wait to see how the dynamic changes here, now that Thor is back. And . . what he's going to do to Loki. This is a great book. I love every issue of it.

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