Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ultimate Mystery #1 - Marvel

So we don't know who the Ultimate Enemy is yet, but . . the events of that series carry over directly into this one. Nick Fury is worried about Project Pegasus. It's kind of like the Warehouse 13 of the Ultimate Universe. Anyways, he's worried that it may be a target so he's sent Captain Marvel there to help protect it. However, at the end of this issue, we see the recently transformed Rick Jones also show up. Marvel thinks he's a threat, and treats him as such, but Rick is pleading with him . .'Don't hit me. I was sent here. I was sent here! The . . the . . the Watchers of the Universe. They sent me here to stop what's going to come. The gave me powers and told me . . all they said was . . DESTRUCTION!!' That's how this issue ends . . with these 2 cosmic entities getting ready to face off. Isn't that what it always come down to? Anyways, we also see Spider-man talking to his female counterpart this issue. She's been trying to take down Roxxon ever since she was created. So she knew about the attack before it happened. She's convinced that it's centered around Roxxon. So she and Peter have decided to team-up and take them on together. Also, Sue, Johnny and Ben are now guests at the Triskellion. As we saw in the last issue of Ultimate Enemy that Ben has transformed. His rocks were gone and he was all glowey at the end of that issue. Well now . . now that he's been poked and prodded by the SHIELD doctors and scientists . . now he finds out that he's able to turn it on and off. 'I got all my power and none of the orange rocky discharge. The guys upstairs think the orange rock me was like a cocoon.' And as such, Nick Fury has decided to make them all agents of SHIELD. And that's where we stand after the first issue. All I really know ahead of time is that the 'Enemy' the 'Mystery' won't be revealed until the final issue of this series . . issue #4. So in the meantime, I'm sure, all we're going to get is hints and innuendo. As usual, I thought Brian Bendis did a great job writing this story. I especially liked the dialogue between Spider-man and Spider-girl (?), and Captain Marvel and Commander Vaughn. Brian does a great job with that, especially when it comes to Spider-man. Rafa Sandoval does the art. I'm probably wrong, but I think this all has something to do with Reed. I don't know for sure what, but . . somehow he's the center of all this. I guess we'll find out . . later.

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