Saturday, July 31, 2010

X-Factor Forever #5 - Marvel

I feel like there's something wrong with me. I liked this book. I thought the series was entertaining. It was informative, and a bit educational. But . . to me . . it just wasn't all that exciting. Yeah, I know . . we had the whole thing with Apocalypse and the Celestials. Plus Sinister, and his army of mutant clones got involved. But, I remember reading the original story . . way back when, and this one just didn't seem as exciting. Maybe because I read it once already. And yes I know that this one was different. But overall, I think it had the same type of feel to it. But the reason I think there's something wrong with me is because when I read the letters page . . something I don't do very much . . everyone there just couldn't stop raving about it. I admit it was a pretty good story. And it was nice to this this group of characters back together again . . facing down Apocalypse, but . . I just didn't think it was all that. Basically, Christopher saved the mutant species. Even though he's not ever going to remember it. He is just a toddler after all. But when Arishem, the Judge . . he's one of the Celestials . . when he looks at him apparently he's pleased because he gives Scott, and thereby the mutant race, a thumbs up. He's not going to wipe them out. Of course, Apocalypse just took out Sinister, when he was attacking X-Force. Apocalypse was concerned that it was Sinster's kind of games that were part of what would lead the Judge to a negative decision. It looked like both of them had been vaporized when Apocalypse took down Sinister's compound. But you know that those 2 are like cockroaches. They'll be back. So then the Celestials decide to turn their attention towards Genosha. Apparently they don't like what's happened to the mutant race there. X-Factor races there to try to help save as many people as possible. And a lot of them make it off the island. But there were millions of people there, so . . a lot more died. And now Ship is more like an arc. And overall . . we have a happy ending. But my question is . . if the Celestials were this disapproving of Genosha, why would they let anyone escape? I'm sure it would be within their power to wipe these people out, whether they were on the island or not. I don't know. To me, there were just a lot of unanswered questions at the end. I did enjoy the story. It just doesn't feel like it's over. There's more that needs explained, or told. But maybe that's the way it's supposed to be. Maybe they're trying to save something for another story-line. I guess we'll have to wait and see. Anyways, I thought Louise Simonson and Dan Panosian did a pretty good job with this. Obviously it could go on a lot longer, I just don't know whether that's in the plans or not. So for now . . it is what it is, and it ended the way it ended. It seems like a happy ending. But . . I just don't know.

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