Sunday, July 25, 2010

Green Hornet #6 - Dynamite Entertainment

Last issue Britt Ried learned the secret of his father . . the original Green Hornet. And out of necessity donned his father's costume to help out Mulan, the new Kato . . the original Kato's daughter. However, while he may have some athletic skills and training, he's never used them for this type of endeavor . . and is sadly lacking when it comes to strategy and planning. But . . that's why Kato, the original, has stuck around . . to train him. Well, that and Britt Reid Sr charged him with his son's protection . . should something happen to him, which . . it did. There's also another Kato in the mix . . Clutch Kato. He's kind of the tech, mechanic, 'M' kind of character. Anyways, most of this issue shows us the progression of Britt into his father's shoes, and the working relationship between him and Mulan. We also see that as well as apologizing, and showing respect for his father . . he's also in this for revenge. He wants the Black Hornet to pay for killing his father. Bad! I like the way that Kevin Smith has progressed this story so far. It's been kind of slow, but . . I think it does effectively show the young Britt's transition. I'm trying to follow some of the other mini-series related to this . . or this character, but . . this is definitely the most exciting. I'm not sure how long I'll stick with the rest, but . . I'll probably be with this one for awhile. I also think Jonathan Lau's pencils get better and better with every issue. I think this particular series has a bright future.

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