Sunday, July 18, 2010

Batgirl #12 - DC

I have to say, I've really been impressed with Bryan Q Miller's first story-arc on this book. Something had to be done about the Calculator, and with this story-line Barbara, Stephanie and Wendy have done just that. Last issue ended with the Calculator having captured Babs. He connected their brains together hoping to siphon off her knowledge before killing her. However, with experience, Babs turns the situation around and instead they end up in the Calculator's head fighting. During this we find out a lot about his early life. It looks like Babs has the situation pretty well in hand, but then Steph and Wendy show up and pull her butt out of the fire. She knew they'd show up, even though she told them not to. They're just not the type to listen. Also this little adventure has served to cement Wendy into the ranks of their little group. Apparently now she'll be monitoring the web, when Oracle is busy. And has taken up the avatar of 'Proxy'. Overall I thought it was a good issue. With a lot of exciting stuff going on. However, the story-line, Batgirl Rising isn't quite over yet as next issue she faces Clay-face. Like I said, I really think Brian is doing a great job here. And I've really been enjoying Lee Garbett's and Pere Perez' pencils. They've really brought a neat feel to this book. Not to mention Stanley Lau's beautiful covers. Personally, I loved Cassandra's character as Batgirl. So I'm really surprised that I've come to like this one so much. In some ways I think Stephanie is even better.

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