Saturday, July 31, 2010

X-Men Legacy #238 and #239 - Marvel

We start out issue #238 with a few of the X-Men heading to Mumbai. Specifically Victor, Alani, Paras, Rogue and Magneto. Paras' parents have arranged a marriage between Paras' brother and a young woman, Viapala. Paras' parents live in a 15th century castle and . . there's a lot of upkeep that needs to be maintained. It's starting to become a burden on the family. Viapala's family is very influential, so . . the union would help out their situation tremendously. The problem is, these electrical storms have been popping up around the city, and when they do . . some of the people go into a coma, of sorts. We find out later that somehow their energy is blocking their brainwaves. Anyways, this has happened to Paras' brother, so . . obviously he can't complete the union. So . . Paras' Pita has asked him to do it. He's not happy about it, but . . obligation to family comes first. Viapala also doesn't seem happy about it, but . . she's keep her reluctance under wraps. Anyways, we also find out that there's a side dimension, the Corridor, in which rests a city. That city seems to consist of all super-powered people. And somehow they all seem to play a part in it's existence. A young girl from there, Luz, escapes to our world. Rogue came along as a chaperon to the kids, but the reason Magneto came was because he could sense the flux in the EM fields that were coming from this area. We find out later that it's because of the Corridor, and the position of the city in relation to Mumbai. Somehow the energies are overlapping into our world and creating these storms. Anyways, this Luz girl escapes into our world and her 'sister', Corregidora, sends some Servidors out to get her. We find out at the end of this issue that those Servidors are actually Sentinels that have been re-tasked to manual labor. By the way, they also have a Master Mold in this dimension. Anyways, issue #238 ends with the X-Men finding Luz, because of the energy flux that follows her, and then standing at the feet of these Servidors who are hot on her heels. Issue #239 starts out with the X-Men fighting these Sentinels and quickly taking them down. It seems that the energies in this other dimension are extremely corrosive to the Sentinels, and weakened them tremendously. Magneto and Rogue are very suspicious of Luz, and are trying to get information about her home out of her. There's also the whole thing about Paras and his marriage going on in the background. But if the X-Men can figure this out, maybe they can 'fix' these people that have gone into the comas. Which in turn would release Paras of his obligations. Anyways, the 'reveal' this issue is at the end when Corregidora decides to assemble a squad and go after her 'sister'. When she gets a view of the X-Men earlier, we see that she's got some kind of grudge against them. But we don't know why. At the end, when they come for Luz, they announce themselves as 'the Children of the Vault'. Aren't those those mutants that were hyper-evolutionized in that floating tanker way back when? I wondered what ever happened to them. Remember, they lived liked 1000 years in one of ours? Or something like that. I wonder why they're coming back now. It's been a few years since we've heard from them. Anyways, these issues were brought to us by Mike Carey and Clay Mann. I thought they were pretty cool. That's one of the things I like about the X-Men. They have all of this stuff in their past and you just never know when some of it's going to reach out and bite them right in the ass. Mike also spent a little bit of time in these issues having Rogue and Magneto sort out their uncomfortable relationship . . at least for Rogue it is. Anyways, the beautiful covers were by Leinil Francis Yu. They're both incredible.

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