Sunday, July 18, 2010

Shadowland #1 - Marvel

Yet another post that starts out with . . 'one day while on E-bay'. This was another one of those grand cross-over stories that I had decided that I wasn't going to follow. I know this storyline is supposed to turn Daredevil into a villain, but . . we all know that's not going to happen. It may look like it for a while, but . . in the end, I'm sure he'll be on the side of right. So, I'm skimming through some sellers postings when I come across this issue, the Billy Tan variant, for 99 cents. I know this is an expensive variant, so I think if I can get it cheap what the heck. Well, I didn't get it for 99 cents, but . . I did get it for $4. So . . I was pretty happy with the purchase. Especially since the regular issue was $3.99. Now, the only problem is . . if I decide to read this storyline . . some of the characters involved, specifically Moon Knight, Bullseye and Elektra, are some of my favorites. So I'll have to get the cross-overs with them. And that's where my dilemma arises. I'm actually trying to cut back a little bit on books. But then these things keep coming out to tempt me. And unfortunately when it comes to comics . . I don't have all that much willpower. Anyways, the story with this is . . the Hand has asked Matt to be it's new leader. Apparently Matt agreed because he had hoped to turn the organization into a force for good. Then Bullseye came to Hell's Kitchen and destroyed a city block . . killing 107 people. Matt built a Japanese castle on the block, and started protecting Hell's Kitchen from it's walls . . and the 100's of Hand assassins he has working for him. The Hand is convinced that they are turning Daredevil . . turning him to the dark side, as it were. And it appears that the Avengers are also concerned about the heavy-handed tactics that he's been using to expunge crime from his home neighborhood. Although, they can't really argue with the results. Anyways, this issue chronicles the event that apparently sends Matt over the edge. On his way to the Raft, Bullseye breaks out of custody. And of course . . he heads straight to Hell's Kitchen. He confronts Matt, and on the final page . . in a scene reminiscent to that of Bullseye killing Elektra . . Matt runs him through with his own sai. Which, unfortunately happens just as Luke and Danny show up to talk to him. Andy Diggle sets up a fantastic opening to this new story-arc. Billy Tan does the pencils both inside and on this gate-fold cover. They look fantastic. This looks like it's going to be an exciting story. And I really like the look and feel of Matt with this new attitude and costume that he's carrying around. I guess I'll stick around and see what happens.

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