Sunday, July 18, 2010

X-Force: Sex and Violence #1 - Marvel

This issue opens up the story and sets the stage. Basically, Domino had done some work for the Assassin's Guild . . without actually realizing whom she was working for . . that put her in direct conflict with the Hand. This all happened a while ago, but . . this day the Guild has decided that it's time to come after Domino and settle their debts. So, of course . . she comes running straight to X-Force. I mean . . who else is she going to go to. Anyways, her story is . . they hired her because the Hand was running guns through the Gulf. This was the Guild's territory, so they weren't very happy about that. So, as she's doing what she's told she finds out that the Hand is actually trafficking in human slaves . . young Asian women. So she cuts her losses. She leaves the Guild hanging, and . . she takes the Hand's shipment of girls and gets them out of the bayou. The only problem is . . Domino isn't being completely above board with her story. Later she and Logan are attacked by the Guild. They make pretty short work of their soldiers. However, they've brought an enforcer with them, and he says he's come for payback. 'NEENA!! Where's the money!!' Apparently Domino stole a little more from them than just the girls. This was another cool X-Force story by Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost. I guess this will fill in for the interim until they get their new title . . and new team. Josh is here to help them this issue, but really he's about the only one we see. I thought it was a good story . . or beginning to one. We'll see how the next 2 issues play out. Also, Gabriele Dell'Otto did an incredible job with the art. What is it about this book that brings out the best in it's artists? Anyways . . I can't wait to see what happens next.

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