Sunday, July 18, 2010

Brightest Day #5 - DC

As we're following the paths of these people that have been returned to life by the White Light, we starting to get more and more revelations into the circumstances surrounding their existences. The woman that's giving Arthur such a hard time, and looks surprisingly similar to Mera, turns out to be Siren. We don't know her and Mera's exact relationship, just yet, but . . we do know that she's leading a battalion from Mera's world. And . . Mera reveals that she was actually sent her to kill Arthur. But I don't think she means recently. I think that was her original purpose in coming to this world. Anyways, after going through the gate created by Hath-Set, Carter and Shiera find themselves on a alien, savage, bestial world. They appear to have landed in the middle of a war, and they're not sure who's side they should be fighting on. Also, shortly before Shiera is taken, by the Hawk-beast type characters, they find out that in their current condition they can never express their love. It appears that whatever has brought Carter back is also responsible for them never allowing them to become intimate. They try to kiss, but as they're doing so, it appears that the contact is draining the life-essence from both of them. Prolonged contact would surely kill them both. But we don't know if this is something done by Hath-Set, or a side-effect of the White Light . . or maybe when Carter was a Black Lantern. Anyways, Shiera is taken by the bird creatures, while Carter is left with the walking beasts . . lions, tigers and bears . . oh my! Anyways, it's while talking to them that Carter discovers that he's actually on a different version of Thanagar. And finally, in Georgetown, we see that Hank has talked Boston into trying to use the White Light to bring his brother Don back. But the White Light tells him . . 'Boston! Don Hall of Earth . . will not rise!' Which really pisses Hank off, but . . what can he do about it. Dawn offers a little insight. With her connection to the light, when all of this happened, she thinks that the White Light can't return souls that are already at peace. Which Don's apparently is. But Dawn feels that her sister Holly isn't. So Boston tries again with her. And again, the White Light talks to him . . 'Boston . . you shouldn't be doing this.' But whether it's successful or not . . we'll have to wait until next issue to find out. So far I think Geoff Johns and Peter J Tomasi are doing a fantastic job with this series. This series is also coming out bi-weekly, so the artistic chores are being shared. We have the work of Ivan Reis, Adrian Syaf, and Joe Prado. And I think they're all doing a fantastic job. So far, I think, this series is definitely living up to it's hype. I can't wait to see where it goes, and the changes in store for the DC Universe.

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