Sunday, April 25, 2010

X-Men Legacy #235 - Marvel

I know we have a lot of chapters left in this story, but . . it seems to me like Bastion is pretty much holding all of the cards. The only time that the X-Men seem to make any kind of headway is when they do things that are uncharacteristic to their nature. And all for what . . Hope? She's supposedly the salvation of the mutant race, but . . we don't even know that she's a mutant . . yet. We've seen barely a glimmer of any hope of powers. Well . . check that, she did seem to bring Rogue out of her coma when she touched her. Unless that was coincidental. But I don't think so. Plus . . we've seen a glimmer of the Phoenix force in her eyes a few times. So, I guess there is 'hope' there. But still . . it does seem like a tremendous leap of faith for Scott to be putting this much effort into one girl. A girl that he barely knows. A girl who Cable has spent about 20 years with, and he also hasn't seen barely a glimmer of her potential. Unless . . Cable's from the future, so . . maybe he knows something that we don't . . something that he's not telling anybody else either. Anyways, the last chapter ended with Hodge going after Shan. Of course Sam jumps in to save her, but . . Hodge uses Sam's weakness against him and takes them both down. But then Doug talks Warlock into doing something he promised he'd never do again . . take a life. He ends up using his T/O virus to take out Hodge and all the rest of the Smileys. Meanwhile X-Force, who is trying to catch up to Cable and Hope, are attacked when Bastion cripples their telepathic communications and then bombs them with a jet fighter. To me it seemed like a simple-minded attack for someone with so much at his disposal. The results are . . Logan and Laura are messed up pretty bad, but . . they'll recover. The only casualty from the whole debacle was Ariel. She's gone. Well . . so is the fighter-pilot after Warren takes out his plane. Like I said, it just didn't seem like something Bastion would do. If he's going to bomb anything, why not bomb Utopia? I mean . . he knows where that place is at, and . . that's where everybody is eventually heading. Right? But X-Force does eventually catch up with Cable. Right before he's attacked, and informs him that his own T/O virus is how Bastion is tracking them. So Rogue borrows a little bit of everybody's powers and with Kurt's help heads back to Utopia. Cable and the rest of X-Force? They're going to be a diversion. As Logan says on the final panel, 'Okay, we've drawn decoy duty. Anybody know any really short prayers?' Anyways, it was an entertaining, and exciting story. I thought Mike Carey did good with what he had. I'm sure his hands are tied as to how far he can go in any various direction. And Greg Land's art was stunning as usual. I thought there were a few leaps in logic, but . . there's a lot of chapters left, so . . we'll see how the story progress'. Maybe they're in there for a reason.

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