Sunday, April 11, 2010

Vengeance of the Moon Knight #7 - Marvel

While this is obviously a Moon Knight book . . this issue's focus is mostly about the confrontation, and obvious misunderstanding between Moonie and Deadpool. I've always enjoyed Deadpool's character. I think he's funny, and interesting . . in small doses. But I have a feeling that they're going to overload everybody with him this month in the Marvel Universe. He's got a couple of different books coming out, a few 'team-ups', and he's popping up on the variant covers of almost every single book. Yeah . . I'm afraid it might be a little bit to much. Anyways, in this title Deadpool is after this old man who's got stage-4 cancer in a hospital. A little bit of a waste of his talents, I'd think, but . . we gotta go with what we get. But, to Deadpool's credit, this is a really nasty guy. And he is holding the child of the woman who hired him. The guy is a criminal, and he extorts people out of their homes for his developments. After the initial misunderstanding, Jake goes home and does some digging. When he finds out what this guy is really all about, he feels the same way as Deadpool. But, with his new 'morality', he wants to go about things in a different way . . rather than simply just killing him. The issue ends with Moon Knight confronting the goons that are holding the child. It was an ok book. I think Gregg Hurwitz did what he could with the story. To me it doesn't really seem all that complicated. But it has to be done in a way that involves Deadpool . . obviously. And it's been stretched into a 2-parter . . for some reason. More exposure for Deadpool. I guess. Anyways, Tan Eng Haut does the art, and . . I'm really impressed. This guy has come a long way since Doom Patrol. This was easily his best stuff to date. Although, not everyone will like it. He's definitely got his own unique style. The book was entertaining. Although not overly involved. But if you're in to Deadpool, you'll probably have to pick it up.

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