Sunday, April 11, 2010

Project Superpowers - Chapter 2 #8 - Dynamite Entertainment

Ok, well . . here's a scorecard of what's going on in this issue. Zeus wants the fire of Prometheus back because he feels that it was stolen from him. What he doesn't know is that the fire seems to be sentient, and want out from under the thumbs of it's oppressor. It split up between the Flame and Flamegirl. So, in Zeus' madness, he believes that all the rest of the 'heroes' are in on it, or at the very least protecting their teammates. Which puts them all at direct odds with Zeus . . or Captain Future. Although that facade has been worn pretty thin. Meanwhile, the Green Lama has gone to Swisslakia to enlist the aid of the Boy King and his group, the Inheritors. The President is also there being protected by the group. Through the course of his dialogue, the Green Lama gives the Boy King, and the rest of them, plenty to think about. First he shares the information that they've all been changed by their time in the urn. Not only has their powers changed, but . .'I've come to believe . . that you've all evolved. Turning you into truly mythic beings. I'm no longer sure if any of you can even be considered mortals anymore.' And, with his debating of politics with the President, I think that the Boy King is starting to question the free-world's leader motivation and loyalties. Especially when he learns about the Supremacy. The Green Lama's theories are backed up when Lady Satan is killed by Zeus, but then comes back to life even more powerful than ever. She now calls herself Hades, and when she strikes at Captain Future, seemingly splitting his body open . . it appears that Zeus' form is now unbound. It's a good thing that the Green Lama and the Inheritors have arrived on the scene just in time to witness this. And on the final pages we see another of the fallen heroes come back to life . . Kid Terror. And he swears . .'Dynamic Boy . . I'm going to rip you to pieces!!' I've said this before, but . . there's a lot going on in one of these issues. We also see Mr Mask and his crew building something in Skyman's hanger that is apparently supposed to trap Zeus. We get a glimpse of the Terror and the 'Devil going after the Claw. And the 'Devil is apparently going to have to face someone from the tribe where he got his powers. Or at least his suit and weapons. Oh yeah, and the Supremacy has figured out who the Silver Scarab really is . . one of their own, Amon Khadul. I'd really be interested to see how Alex Ross and Jim Krueger are keeping track of all of this, and the way they're planning for the future. I think to put that into a book and publish it would be interesting unto itself. This has got to be a massive undertaking. And there's just so many heroes for them to keep track of. Overall I'm enjoying it. I'm not sure that the stories are always cohesive. There appears to be fragments here and there. But . . I could see how that could happen with this big of a project. And I have to give Edgar Salazar props for drawing all of these characters. For the most part I think he's doing a great job. And I'm starting to see a couple of different influences in his work. But I have to ask . . look at the last page of the issue with Kid Terror and tell me if that doesn't look like it could've been drawn by George Perez. I noticed his influence a couple of times during the book, but it's especially prominent on the final page. Overall I think this is an entertaining series. However, it'll probably be easier . . and cheaper, to just wait for the TPB to catch up on the story. It'll probably be a more coherent read that way also.

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