Friday, April 30, 2010

Green Hornet #3 - Dynamite Entertainment

With this issue we see that the fates of Britt Reid Jr and Sr are beginning to come together. I know. They're father and son. That should be a given. But Britt Jr has done everything he can to stay away from following anywhere close to the path that his father had blazed before him. But . . he's about to get an eye opener that he wasn't expecting. At the party, last issue, Britt Sr seemed to be the focus of the attack. This issue we find out it's even worse than we expected. The men attacking are calling themselves the Black Hornets. And they seemed to be just as skilled as Britt once was . . but much younger. Anyways . . they end up killing him. Which leaves Britt Jr feeling very guilty for having given his father such a hard time these past few years. And in fact . . their last real conversation was an argument. So he goes out on his own to look for his killers. Which leads him to a rather seedy bar. What happens there isn't really as important as who he meets. He doesn't know it yet . . he has no frame of reference to make the connection, but I think this mystery guy is either Britt Sr's former sensei, or . . it's the original Kato. We don't know which yet, but he's very skilled. And he talks to Jr in that Mr Miyagi kind of way. So he decides to show Jr what his dad really did for a living. On the final page Britt Jr has his destiny shoved in his face . . he finally sees the Hornet's Nest. This chapter takes us into the meat of the story . . bringing the Green Hornet character into the 21st century. I think Kevin Smith did a pretty smooth transition here. It was a little predictable . . I think we all kind of knew that something like this was going to happen. But . . I think maybe when we find out who these Black Hornet characters are, and what their motivations for attacking Britt Sr, we may be surprised. Maybe! But first Britt Jr has to decide to assume his father's mantle. I'm assuming that we'll find out how that goes next issue. It was an enjoyable story. So far . . I like it. I'm also enjoying Jonathan Lau's art. Dynamite Comics has really seemed to pick up a very talented pool of new artists. Plus, they all seem to be growing into their roles very quickly. It's a great thing to watch. I'm picking these books up just for something new to read. However, if your not a regular follower, I'm sure the TPB will be out shortly. I can't see this one waiting too long.


  1. I was wondering who the "big death" would be, and now I can see why they didn't solicit that cover.

    I wanted to let you know I gave your blog a shout-out over my Youtube channel. I think your site is great!

  2. All I can say is . . thanks! Thanks for taking the time to listen to my thoughts. And thanks for reading comics. I think the i-tunes comics are neat, but . . I'd hate to see this medium ever really go away. Right now people like you, me, Xman75, etc, etc, etc, are it's lifeblood. My hobby has given me such much over the years, I'd just like to hope that in some way I'm giving somthing back. Maybe?