Friday, April 30, 2010

WildCATS #22 - WildStorm

This issue is a very dry read. Spartan and the rest of the heroes have set up base in SkyWatch. And since his robot body was damaged in the recent battle with the Red Blade, he's got himself hooked up into the systems of the satellite. Since he's linked up to the entire system, essentially . . he's the Weatherman. Anyways, Hadrian wants to take the opportunity that the world's been given to 'unite the world, eliminate borders, and create a cooperative planet-wide society.' But, not everybody is as optimistic as he is. Zealot is the first to voice her dissension, with Maul and a few others joining in pretty quick. Anyways, right now, the 'hows' and the 'why's' don't really matter. The point is that everybody, no matter what team they were previously on, are now going to fall under the banner of WildCATS. Hadrian is also not claiming to be the leader. He just wants to help coordinate everything so that maximum cooperation between groups can be obtained. Plus, he'd like the structure of the teams to be fluid. Since he's so adept at collating data, he wants to move people around so that their powers and experience best fit whatever situation that they're thrown into. Basically . . this goes on and on throughout the whole issue. A couple things of note, though . . Lynch and Team 7's ears seem to perk up when Spartan talks about all the I/O bases that Gen13 has found littered around the country. A strange female has taken Majestic to his Mount Rushmore base and seems to be trying to nurse him back to health. Also, Hadrian has picked Grunge to be his right-hand man. 'Eddie, it's time for you to stop denying your own intelligence. Your planet needs you. It's time to step up. It's time to grow up. And get to work.' Anyways, to me it seemed more like a rank and file type of issue. There's not a lot going on, so it's time to get the people and players into position for future story-lines. Plus they needed to define exactly how this group of people was going to work. I just thought it was a very dry read. Adam Beechen gave us a whole bunch of information, but most of it was just rattled off by Spartan. Tim Seeley does the art. I just hope that next issue we get back in to some action.

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