Friday, April 30, 2010

Hulked Out Heroes #2 - Marvel

Last issue ended with Deadpool . . er, Hulkpool . . about to mess up a very important moment in the history of Captain America and Bucky. This issue . . he completely screws it up. But it's not entirely his fault. It's also Bob's fault . . his HYDRA lackey who's trying to operate the time machine. And then when Bob tries to bring Hulkpool into the present, he completely messes up every important moment in the age of heroes . . the pivotal moments which set them upon a course as heroes and icons. But . . no more! Of course after he screws up the first one or two we realize that he's now operating in a separate time-line. But since Bob can't figure out how to work this machine, he certainly can't figure that part out. It isn't until it's pointed out to him by an AIM agent . . his timeline has also changed and HYDRA is no more . . that's when he realizes how bad he messed things up. So . . he gets Hulkpool back, and they both leave. I thought Jeff Parker wrote kind of a disappointing story. In my opinion, anyways. We don't get to see any of the other Hulked out heroes . . except in the Hulk #22 preview . . but none in the story. Like I said last time, I'm not sure why this wasn't done as a Deadpool mini-series. That would've at least made sense. Anyways, to me, the best part of this book was Humberto Ramos' art. I like his stuff, and he got to draw some pretty neat panels for this issue. Ok . . I'll admit it. I was duped into picking up this series. It's my own fault. But, hey . . everyone's a sucker now and then. Right?

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