Sunday, April 25, 2010

Azrael #7 - DC

To me, what really makes this series is Fabian Niceiza's stories. He has a fantastic way of sewing all of this information together, while at the same time still stirring in some character development. This issue Michael is obsessed with the abduction of a child. Apparently he's relating it back to when he was a child and witnessed an abduction. His brother . . maybe? Anyways, I think that he felt helpless at the time, even though he witnessed it . . and it's been eating at him ever since. So, when a new similar case opens up in his own backyard . . he dives in head first. And he's not coming up for air until he finds this kid. Almost to the point that his obsession is starting to make the other members of the Order of Purity question is sanity. I mean they all know that sooner or later the Suit of Sorrows is going to drive him crazy. They've just been waiting for him to step over the cliff. 'His eyes . . he has so much anger. Adrian was right . . it appears that Michael . . is starting to succumb to the madness of the suit.' However, I think that if he can reconcile with his family . . or at the very least use them as a sounding-board . . I think he can work through this anger and frustration. The problem is . . his sister has committed a horrendous act. Yes, she was under another's influence . . and Micheal knows that, but . . I'm sure when he sees it in his head, he still sees her doing it. And unfortunately, even after she's acquitted of her acts . . he still seems to be distancing himself from her. At the time, it might be because of this abducted kid, but . . if he doesn't watch it, the gap will never be crossed. In the end he ends up saving the kid, but he's still haunted by Willis. Also, I think the Order has given him a therapist. She doesn't tell him who she works for, and I could be wrong, but . .'Someone hired me . . to set you free. You might not understand right now, but you will . . very soon. Enjoy your freedom, Mr Lane.' I wasn't sure what to expect from this book. But . . the more I read it, the more I'm getting in to it. Also, I really like Ramon Bachs' pencils. As with the story itself, I think he gets better and better with every issue. By the way . . that's a fantastic cover by Francesco Mattina.

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