Friday, April 30, 2010

Secret Warriors #15 - Marvel

I know I've said this in the past, but . . I think Jonathan Hickman is doing a tremendous job with this title . . and these characters. I keep finding myself at odds over the reasons in which I like this story so much. Of course there's the spy and espionage stuff. That's a given when Nick Fury is involved. But with this book that's even stepped up a notch. We have HYDRA and Leviathan involved also. And with this issue, it looks like they've found some common ground in which they can reach some type of compromise. Which of course is not going to be good news for Nick. Especially considering that the Contessa, whom Nick has had an on again off again relationship over the years, is actually working for Leviathan. Which makes her a . . triple agent? She's been spying on HYDRA for quite a while, as Madame Hydra. Feeding Nick lots of information. But, as it turns out, she's actually a sleeper agent for Leviathan, who's been recently activated. Last issue she brought Viper to Leviathan, and killed her. This issue Nick finds out just what a nasty piece of work she really is. And, after HYDRA invades the Leviathan base where all of these previous events went down, they find Viper's body and, upon bringing it back to life, make her the new Madame Hydra. There's a whole lot of twists and turns here, which I think is fantastic. Anyways, I like that part of the story, but . . I'm also intrigued by the interaction and relationships between Nick's Secret Warriors. Daisy is still upset that Nick kicked Sebastian off their team. But at the same time she's trying to hold the rest of them together. Everyone else is equally as disgruntled, but . . Daisy is the only one that may have a chance of getting him back. Of course Nick once again denies her. And, I think, in her frustration enamors the relationship between her and James. I know she just wants to feel like she's in some kind of control, but . . I don't really think this is going to help. Anyways, I think this is a great series, and Jonathan has done a fantastic job with it so far. He's got a few different story-lines going on, and I think he does a great job of balancing those around Nick and Daisy. I also enjoy Stefano Caselli's art. If you're not following this story . . you really should. It's a great series and I think it's going to segue into some of the stuff coming up in the next couple of months in the Marvel Universe. Plus . . what's not cool about Nick Fury?

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