Sunday, April 11, 2010

Nemesis: the Impostors #2 - DC

Apparently those 6 issues that Tom Tresser ran around Electric City . . or wherever that was, really messed with his head. He's still having a hard time distinguishing what's real and what's not. He also seems to lose time every now and then. And . . he's incredibly paranoid. Last issue ended with him racing down the road with the Joker in the car with him. At the end, it looked like he was driving the car off a cliff. As it turns out, he drove it into a lake, or pond, or something. He drags the Joker out of the car, and the lake, only to find Batman standing there waiting for him. Unfortunately, he couldn't save the Joker. But fortunately . . it's not really him. Also, he doesn't know who Batman actually is, but . . he has worked with him before, so he knows that this isn't the same man. Dick tries to explain it to him . . as Tom is trying to take off his head, but he's not having much luck getting through to him. Once he does subdue him, and gets him into the Batmobile, he links up with Diana, Wonder Woman. She's feeling guilty about Tom's current condition, but . . nobody really know what's happened to him. Tom's tried to explain it, but there's not any proof that Electric City really exists. Plus . . apparently everything that happened there happened on a different time-line than the real world. 'There's no evidence to back up your story. We know where you've been every day for the last 2 years. You get in close enough to someone in the League, we have no choice but to make sure they're safe. And you were by her side, every single day. And then one day, you were . . One day you're suddenly like this. Anxious. Paranoid. You tell this impossible story about a place that can't possibly exist.' But that just makes Tom feel even more alone. So he bails on the Batmobile, after he sets of a localized EMP pulse, and gets away blending into the crowd. But apparently somebody is after his because on the final page we see someone scouring video angles of the city desperately trying to find him in the crowd. Ivan Brandon writes this series. He also wrote the last. So it has a lot of the same feel to it . . confusing, disoriented, fractured. He hasn't mentioned anything yet about the Global Peace Agency, but . . the guy at the end is wearing their uniform. As is Tom. Until he goes into disguise. I like this character, so . . I really hope that Ivan sorts all of this out by the end of this series so that Tom can go back to being a viable character again. Cliff Richards does the art, as he did in the last series also. This really just feels like a continuation of the Escape mini-series. Anyways . . it's interesting. So I'll stick around to see what happens. Also, that's a pretty cool cover by Daniel Luvisi.

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