Sunday, April 11, 2010

Superman: Secret Origin #5 - DC

I have to say . . I really like the approach that Geoff Johns has taken to this series. I mean . . Superman's origin has been done so, oh so many times that this could've easily have fallen into another rehashing of that. But Geoff has taken more of the approach of integrating the events that are going on in Superman's life right now, and kind of showing us how that all started. I liked the way that Lex and Gen Lane have fallen into league over their mutual mistrust of an alien in thier midst. Under any other circumstances, I don't see these 2 getting along. But they've found a common enemy, and their allegiance is mutually beneficial to both of them. Lex gets to antagonize Superman by putting a huge thorn in his side. He also gets to prod and poke at Superman without anyone really knowing that he's the one behind it all. And the General gets another 'war' to fight . . a target to aim his frustration and rage at . . to prop up his fading and impotent military career. Not to mention all the cool tech and gadgets that Lex has made him privy to. I also think it's brilliant the way that Geoff has taken the natural course of events to bring us 2 of Superman's worst enemies . . Parasite and Metallo. The interaction between Clark and Lois was perfect. We get so see that bumbling doofus Clark trying to let Lois see that he's smart and strong willed, without giving her enough of a view to connect him to Superman. And to me, that's his biggest disguise. Not his glasses. His glasses are just a prop. A misdirection. His real talent is in separating the personality and 'drive' of his duo persona, so that as an outsider you'd never make the connection between the two. The way they act . . the way the talk . . the underlying motivation and character of these two people . . that is what really hides Superman's personality behind Clark's forgettable facade. I also liked the way that Geoff has worked in the life of the Daily Planet . . the literal breathe and blood of a dying business, that now hinges on their intimate involvement with the superhero in their midst. They were just another failing 'rag', until they started publishing Jimmy's exclusive pictures, and printing Lois' hard to get interviews. 'The Daily Planet's circulation is up over 700 percent. Because they have a monopoly on 'the Man of Steel'. Your daughter is causing problems for me General.' But, unwittingly, Superman has also provided him with a target. Obviously Superman cares about these people, so . . if you have an enemy that's appears invulnerable, you strike at the things that are important to him. You hurt him in ways that he can't always defend. And that's what the General does when he uses his military might to commandeer the Daily Planet building and shut down the newspaper. But that could also bite him in the posterior as he's shining a light on them . . opening them up to all sorts of media scrutiny. And you know how the public just loves a good story of injustice. Geoff and Gary Frank are doing a fantastic job here. But when you start digging into the story, you start to see how brilliant the work they're doing here really is. These 2 have teamed up on many projects over the last couple of years at DC, and they've blown me away every time. This could very well be the new Stan Lee and Jack Kirby team of the new millennium. That may be a bit overstated, but . . I think you know what I mean.

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