Sunday, April 18, 2010

Green Hornet Year One #2 - Dynamite Entertainment

This series takes us through the original Britt's life . . the father . . the original Green Hornet. While the Kevin Smith series introduces us to the new Green Hornet . . Britt's son . . Britt. As much as people worry about being like their parents . . doesn't it seem a little odd that not only do they have the same name, but . . they also follow in each other's profession? I'd have to say that there's definitely cause for therapy there. Anyways, we get a couple different points of view. We see Britt's and Kato's attempts to knock off the local mob boss, Mr Caruso, in Chicago . . circa 1938. We also see Britt's life, a few years before that, when he's trotting around the globe. But it's not like the usual trust-fund kid's attempt at 'finding himself'. Britt is actually looking for trouble, and trying to find ways that he can make the world a better place. He genuinely wants to make a difference. Then we also get a view of Kato's life, also a few years before he comes to Chicago. He wants to be a samurai, it's what his father taught him. But with the ambitions of the Emperor, he's called into the service of his country. And as one of it's soldiers, he witness' many atrocities while pursuing their push into China. Obviously Matt Wagner is trying to show us the things that make up these characters . . not just their alter egos. And in the usual style of Matt's incredible writing, he's really showing us that these characters are much more than their flashy persona's. I'm enjoying the story, but honestly . . I think this one would be better read when the TPB comes out. Don't get me wrong . . I think Matt and Aaron Campbell are doing a great job here. But I think that it would be a much more enjoyable, and cohesive read, to be able to peruse it from start to finish. I am enjoying the story. But I'm much more interested in Kevin Smith's version. Although this series is a great source for anyone who's not really familiar with the character. Anyways, if you're on a budget . . wait for the TPB. I'm sure it'll only be a couple of more months. I'm sure it'll be a much more comprehensive read that way.

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