Sunday, April 25, 2010

Batman: Streets of Gotham #11 - DC

First of all . . I think Paul Dini and Dustin Nguyen are doing a great job with this book. I love the look and feel that they're giving the 'streets of Gotham' with these stories. However, that being said . . I was a little let down by the wrap up of Zsasz' story-line this issue. But, to be honest, that wasn't really the most important part of the story. At least not in my eyes. To me what really came out of all of this was Colin's character and his desire to be a 'good guy'. What started out as a bad situation, when he was injected with Venom and sent after Batman, has turned out to have a kind of 'fairy-tale' ending. In that this orphan kid, who's been abused and manipulated, has used what he's been dealt to try to emulate his hero . . Batman. Well . . maybe 'emulate' isn't the right word. But he's trying to do something that he feels the Batman would be proud of. We also see that Damian has a human side when he refuses to let the circumstances of these kids . . both the ones still alive, and dead, proceed unabated without a champion to their cause. Maybe he's feeling how he's been pushed, and prodded, and manipulated through his young life . . stealing him of his childhood. But whatever the reason, he steps up and does the right thing. And when he under-estimates Zsasz . . Colin is there to help him catch his breath, regain his strength, and alter his attack. Which ultimately is the difference in Zsasz' defeat. But everything was kind of glossed over as far as what Zsasz was doing, and why. However, like I said, with the human element of Damian and Colin's story, I think it more than made up for the short-falls. In the back-up story, I like the way that Marc Andreyko is splitting up Kate's attention on 3 fronts. First she's got the 'streets of Gotham' thing to worry about, as one of it's 'champions'. Secondly, as the DA she has to try to swim through the murky waters of Gotham justice. And right now, it's about as polluted as it can get. Not to mention having to deal with Black Mask/Jeremiah Arkham and Jane Doe in both areas. Then on top of all of that, she has to deal with being a mother. Which right now isn't working out to well for her. First of all she's not keeping very good track of Ramsey. And then . . Ramsey's father, and apparently his grand-father also, Iron Munro, don't feel that Kate is acting in Ramsey's best interest and have come to Gotham to take him back to LA. All of this is happening as Ramsey is roaming the streets of Gotham and on the final page comes across one of it's unruly gangs. I don't know who I feel more sorry for . . the gang, or Ramsey. Anyways, I think Marc does a terrific job of weaving all of this together. Especially considering that he only has 8 pages in which to do so, and still progress the story . . on all fronts. And as always, Jeremy Haun's art is perfect. To me . . this book seems like what Detective used to be . . a vehicle for the 'other' stories in Batman's life, and city. I like it! A lot!

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