Sunday, April 11, 2010

the Boys #41 - Dynamite Entertainment

Annie is really close to telling Hughie her secret . . that she's a member of the Seven. But she's afraid that it'll change their relationship and that Hughie won't love her anymore. However, once he finds that out . . how does he tell her that he's a member of the Boys? And the even bigger problem is . . Butcher has already found out Annie's secret. Hughie has kept Annie away from his team-mates because . . well, I don't think he really approves of what they do. I think he believes that it is necessary. But I don't think he approves of their methods. So, I think he's trying to keep Annie away from that. But, back to Butcher . . because Hughie hasn't shared this information, and because he can't believe that Hughie hasn't put it together as to just who his girlfriend really is . . he now doesn't trust Hughie. He thinks he's playing with him, and his team. But he's not sure what he's up to. He thinks that he could be working for the Seven, or maybe even Vought-American. But Butcher is already paranoid, and this revelation has pretty much sent him over the edge. So he's got him on some menial duty. He's watching the 'short-bus' of super-teams . . Super-Duper. They have a new leader called Malchemical, so that's his excuse for giving him the assignment. During the course of all this, there's 2 things that are going to cause problems. First, Mother's Milk has found out what Butcher is up to, and after perusing some confidential files from Vought . . he thinks that Butcher is up to some shenanigans with Hughie. And he's not very happy about it. Secondly while watching Super-Duper, Black-Hole has an accident and starts choking to death. When it's obvious that none of his teammates know what to do, Hughie rushes in and saves his life by performing a tracheotomy. Unfortunately, Butcher witness' the whole thing. So now he's convinced that Hughie is up to no good. The question is . . what's he going to do now. I thought this was an entertaining issue. A little boring . . compared to some of the other things that the Boys have been through. But, it was necessary for the development of this story. I was starting to wonder how long Hughie was going to be able to date Annie without someone starting to put 2 and 2 together. As a member of the Seven she's pretty prominent, so . . it was only a matter of time. At the very least I think Hughie's going to lose his girlfriend. But . . who knows what Butcher and Garth Ennis have in store for him, so . . I have a feeling that he's not going to come through this unscathed. Like I said . . it was entertaining. And as usual Darick Robertson did a great job with the art.

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