Sunday, April 11, 2010

the Authority #21 - WildStorm

We found out at the end of the last issue that Angie is back. Kind of. She's actually been merged with the Carrier. It seems the Carrier needed someone to merge with it, to help it connect with the people aboard it. And Angie was the most likely candidate. Unfortunately, that means that Angie, as a person . . her personality, and feelings . . are basically lost in the machine. She's now much more a part of the Carrier than she is Angie. Which has really hurt Jack, emotionally. Anyways, we also found out that the hooded guy protecting the boy was the High. And that the boy was a new century baby. Of course all of this happens as the Carrier reaches Daemon territory and they are under attack. But Angie, in her new role quickly dispels the attack, and increases their shielding. They're relatively safe. For now. Of course all the passengers aboard the ship don't really know that. They've been told that they're safe, but . . they don't believe it. However, Angie does use their influence to make their lives a little more comfortable . . and normal. So we'll see how that appeases them. However, Cole and his team have found a new threat. It appears that in the darkest regions of the Carrier . . there's an infestation . . of the Night Tribes. Fantastic! Just when things we're starting to look like they might be lightening up. A little bit. So far I like the story that Adam Freeman and Marc Bernardin have been putting together here. They've definitely kept things interesting. And as usual, Al Barrionuevo's art look fantastic. This is another guy whom I think doesn't get near the credit and recognition that he deserves. Al's a great artist. He's just been under the radar, so far. Really, my only complaint is that other than the Carrier, this doesn't really feel like an actual Authority book. There's only 3 of the Authority actually here. But I'm patient. I'll wait and see how this all plays out. I hope it's worth it.

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