Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ultimate Spider-man #9 - Marvel

This title is moving back into my favorite books list. I just love the way that Brian Bendis writes these characters. He's got great interaction, and continual character and story development. To me the funniest part of the book was when Johnny tells Peter that he was making out with Jessica, Spider-girl. Johnny had a little impromptu team-up with Spider-girl, and then afterwards he just hounds her until she gives him some personal information and agrees to go out on a date with him. Apparently, he was making out with her after that, but . . we didn't see that part. Anyways, so he's telling Peter all about this and . . of course Peter knows that Jessica is actually a clone of him. But . . nobody else knows that. So while Peter is listening to Johnny, he's thinking that basically Johnny is making out with a version of him. He's pretty weirded out and has to take out. Anyways, the issue ends with some government types coming into Peter's classroom wanting to take Kitty away. They won't really say why they're taking her, or what she did. The Principal just says, 'You knew this was going to happen! The mutant situation is very bad. The laws are very . .', but then Peter interrupts him. He's amazed that they're doing this in the middle of the school day. He and the rest of their classmates are about to make a scene and cause a distraction so that Kitty can run away. But . . I don't know that this situation is going to end well for anyone. Like I said . . I love this book. Especially after reading that last issue of ASM. David Lafuente is back on the pencils this issue. I think he's really turning this book into his own style of story-telling. I wasn't' sure about his style at first, but . . it really fits this title well. I really do look forward to this book every month.

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