Friday, April 30, 2010

Invincible Iron Man #25 - Marvel

Well . . Tony's trying to put his life back together. As we knew he would be. But . . he's got a big chunk of information missing. Basically . . the last few years. He had backed himself up for just this eventuality, but . . once he got involved in the Civil War and the whole Initiative thing . . not to mention SHIELD . . well, apparently he forgot the computer pledge . . 'Back-up! Often!' So every move, and decision, and stratagem that he employed during that time . . has been completely erased from his memory. Sure, he can look everything up on the internet, and see the consequences of all his actions, but . . it's not the same as being able to recall the actual experience. So . . he's decided to use this opportunity . . I wonder how quick he had to work through the 7 stages of grief to come to that decision . . he's decided to make up for his past mistakes by putting his life on a new path. He wants to quit making weapons, and coming up with ideas that make the world a more violent place. Instead . . he wants to focus on the repulsor technology. And he's also tired of everyone trying to rip off his idea for this and use it for evil. 'What if we exercised a kind of intellectual detente strategy? What if the rare was common? What if everybody had access to non-weaponizable RT and everything it could do? What would the world look like if there was repulsor tech in every home, on every street, in every school? License this from me and in thirty years you'll be operating free of fossil fuels. You'll have scalable power to whatever you need, whenever and wherever you needed it. And the world will have it too. Don't license this from me and in thirty years I, and your competition, will have put you out of business. Ladies and gentlemen, the future is free energy, and I'm inviting you in on the ground floor. Stark Resilient is going to power the world for free. You guys . . you guys will have to pay cash. C'mon. Let's do something insane like save the world.' There's a problem though. As inspiring as that speech was . . Tony said a few almost treasonous things in there. First he tells all these captains of industry that if they don't join him, he'll eventually put them out of business. No matter how good his idea is, nobody wants to hear that. Secondly . . 'Free Energy'. That's an oxymoron. Right? Well . . it is in our world. Nothing is going to send these guys running fast than a pack of scared rabbits than the words 'Free Energy'. It's blasphemy. Right? But Justine Hammer knew that Tony was going to do something like this, so . . she's developed her own line of 'Asymmetrical security solutions for a post-political world.' But once all her buyers had heard that Tony was back, they brushed her off. Now after Tony's speech, she's standing back with open arms waiting for everyone to come running. It takes probably less than 5 minutes for her first phone call. Anyways, during the course of all this Tony also got with Reed and updated his own Iron Man armor . . an upgrade to extremis. And it's looks pretty sleek and nifty. I can't wait to see what he can do with it. First of all . . I think Matt Fraction is brilliant. I love the intricacies of this story that he's been developing over the last 25 issues. And he's got a lot of cool ideas. Secondly, meld that with Salvador Larroca's beautiful art, and this is a book that is definitely worth following. I've been entertained and engaged with every issue of this series. And in the end, after plopping down 3 bucks per pop . . that's all I ask for. Well . . that and some beautiful covers. And I haven't been disappointed yet. Thanks, guys!

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