Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wolverine Weapon X #12 - Marvel

This one appears to be a little bit confusing, but . . I think that's the way it's supposed to be. For right now. Last issue we saw that the Deathloks had come back from the future. No one really know that they're here except for a waitress who's been having dreams, Miranda Bayer. She knows what they're up to. In the future . . 25 years in the future, where Roxxon controls pretty much everything, there's a war. A war between the resistance, led by a mysterious General, and the Deathloks. Nobody knows who the General actually is. Not even the resistance. So the Deathloks have come back into the past with a list. It's a list of all of the likely candidates for the General's identity. And they've been instructed to kill them all. However, there's a point in the past . . our present, where a Deathlok has Miranda in his sights and he's trying to determine if he has the authorization to kill her. Even though they're on a killing spree, they still have a strict rule about messing to much with the time stream. Anyways, while the Deathlok is trying to access command for authorization, there's a part of him, deep inside, that becomes really emotional. 'Kill the bitch. Gut her and cut her and drink her blood . . kill, kill, kill. Kill her! Kill her now!' But . . the voice is unheard. It to deep beneath the bio-mechanics strewn throughout it's body. But I'm thinking this Deathlok may be the weak point in the operation. It's to emotionally involved. So, in this issue, the story bounces back and forth between the present and the future . . 25 years in the futures. Kind of like a Terminator story. In fact, this story reminds me an awful lot of that franchise. But maybe that's just me. The story ends with Logan being killed in the future . . the last of the 'heroes'. And in the present . . it appears that the General is already in position and monitoring things . . from the shadows. I enjoyed Jason Aaron's story. Although it didn't seem completely original, it did have some interesting twists and turns. And I thought that Ron Garney did a great job with the art. My only concern is . . with the Origins book being cancelled with issue #50, I have to wonder just how much life this book has left in it? But for now . . I'll enjoy what I can get.

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