Sunday, April 18, 2010

X-Men Forever #21 - Marvel

Last issue the X-Men found out an important piece of information about the Consortium, from Fabian Cortez . . one of their board members is Tony Stark. That is major because Nick had always trusted Tony. Plus, not only is he a founder of the Avengers, but a member as well. We also know that Amelia Trask is one of it's members . . the wife of Bolivar Trask, who created the Sentinels. But this issue we find out that 'Ziggy', Amelia's daughter, has created some new type of Sentinel . . the Neo-Sentinels. We don't find out much about them this issue, but . . they do seem to look more menacing, and . . 'Ziggy' herself is in some type of suit. I assume because she's in control of them. All of this centers around the Consortium's project, Plague-X. Apparently that's why they had Fabian. They figured out a way to mimic his powers and create a ray that will reach out and touch all the mutants on the planet . . including the latent ones, and speed up the process that causes the 'burnout'. The problem they had though was how were they going to deal with the lashing out of the X-Men when they realize what is happening. They're a formidable force, easily on par with the Avengers. But now that they have 'Ziggy' and her Neo-Sentinels, Amelia feels that they have more than enough force to follow through with thier plan. I may be reading to much into everything, but . . I don't think that Tony is necessarily on board with the plan. It seems that the Starks got in bed with the Consortium through his father, Howard, and his friendship and relationship with Bolivar Trask. I'm betting that Tony is only involved because he feels that he can do more damage from within. Although if that's true, I'm sure Amelia has prepared for that possibility. She seems like someone with many contingency plans. Anyways, this title seems to be reaching a fever pitch. It's almost the end of this first run, and we also have an Annual and a Giant-Sized edition in the works. When Chris Claremont takes on a project he goes all-out. I can't wait to see how this first installment is wrapped up, and . . what plot-lines are left hanging to be carried over into the second chapter. This is definitely an interesting series. Rodney Buchemi is doing the art for this chapter. But Tom Grummett still did the cover.

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