Friday, April 30, 2010

Madame Xanadu #22 - Vertigo

Nimue is trying to stop her sister Morgana from whatever nefarious scheme that she's currently up to. J'onn J'onzz is also on the case with her. He's that rather plain looking guy on the cover. He hasn't revealed his true nature to her, yet. But . . she has seen that he has extraordinary abilities. All she really knows for sure is that his powers are not mystical in nature. Anyways, Morgana is trying to obtain 3 relics that will supposedly grant her the level of power that she once held. These objects include, the War-Helm of Mordred, the spearhead with which Mordred slew Arthur, and the Philosopher's stone. For some reason she wants to herald a new age of warfare and destruction. Why does it always come down to that? They either want to save the world, or destroy it. There's no in-between. She's already got enough power that she's got herself set up as the mistress of a church that worships dark power. They think that they're worshipping Satan, but actually Morgana is just manipulating their emotions so that they'll do whatever she tells them to. The problem is . . she gets bored and loses focus very easily. Anyways, Nimue and J'onn follow some of her congregation back to the church to confront Morgana. But I think Morgana always anticipates her sisters meddling . . she's prepared for them. The issue ends with them trapped in a ring of fire. Madame Xanadu, Nimue, is currently moving through the age of heroes. She's already encountered a few of them. But she has no idea just how many of them will be popping out of the woodwork very shortly. I enjoy Matt Wagner's stories. And I think Amy Reeder Hadley is a terrific find. Unfortunately, this is one of those books though that it's hard to pick it up in the middle of a storyline. If you're not following it, my suggestion is to just read the TPB. You'll be entertained.

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